Trainer Take Over 2020

Destiny Jurado, Reporter

  As MVHS perseveres through this COVID-19 pandemic with going back to school and sports being back in play, there are many new teachers, coaches, and rules to follow. Last year, the school has physical trainer Jess, but she sadly left the Lion Tripe this year to go follow a passion of hers. As this new year brings in new people,  a new trainer named Kylie Engelke has joined the team.

  Engelke started at Mountain View just before COVID-19 hit with its lockdown, so she hasn’t had time to truly see our lion pride in all of our students and staff. What she has experienced, however, sounds like it has been very rewarding. “The transition to MVHS  had been great, Everyone has been extremely nice and supportive,” says Engelke. Coming into a new school taking on the position that she is can be confusing at rough sometimes, but it seems like Engelke caught the hook real easy, she has already gotten to know lots of the coaches and athletes!

  With all the extra precautions MVHS has to take this year, it is different for everyone and it makes things more difficult. “COVID has definitely thrown a spin on things. I’ve had to take extra precautions (wearing a mask, gloves, sanitizing) when being around so many student-athletes. The best part is everyone is so adaptable, and if they are allowed to play sports then they learn how to deal with the precautions.” 

  Engelke comes from Niwot high school and has 10 years of experience at her job, but with every injured athlete she gets, it is different. She says, “The great part about my profession is that we are always learning. If you ask any athletic trainer, one of the first things they say about this profession is that we constantly get to learn new things because health and sports medicine are an evolving field.” Mountain View is blessed to have her long term, so it’s important to help her get adjusted. While it may be inevitable, she’s here to keep student athletes safe.