Mountain View’s Golf Program Focuses on the Positives

Taya Thom, Reporter

  While many sports in the Thompson School District have been canceled or moved to later in the school year, golf season has remained untouched. The Mountain View golf team has been practicing since Aug. 4, 2020. As excited as the players and coaches were to get back into it, this season has been full of changes. 

   The team has experienced several changes this season, such as wearing masks at practice. Senior Matthew McKay said, “I think the coaches are having a lot of fun with the season, the team has been placing higher in tournaments also it is Coach Walker’s first year coaching golf.” After many months of no sports or social events, this team was excited to get back into the swing of things.

  Sports have faced a number of changes this year. Due to CHSSA’s decision to move around some of the fall sports, many student-athletes and coaches have had to adjust their expectations. The team has a few members this year that they wouldn’t usually have. “Triston joined because he couldn’t play football and I took a year-long break and have rejoined this year. Jake Walker and Riley Cogan also joined because they couldn’t play football” said McKay.

  In the most recent update from CHSSA, it was announced that football will be able to take place this fall. This development brings into question how the remainder of the golf season will go. Football is set to play its first game in the first week of October.

 Covid-19 has prevented a lot of setbacks for many athletes and students, especially the seniors; however, some student-athletes have had the opportunity to try something new. Senior Triston Mayes said “I had never played golf before. I have played in one varsity tournament so far, I may not have played as good as I would have liked but I had a great time.” Football and golf season typically run during the same time so students do not usually have the opportunity to participate in both, Mayes is a great example of this. It gives these students an unexpected opportunity to try something new, which is something that they will be able to remember fondly when they reminisce about their high school years.

  While there have not been too many drastic changes to how the practice is being run this year, there have been some new changes to the season in an attempt to maintain safety as a priority. McKay said, “ In tournaments, we stay as a team instead of splitting up with other teams so you’re with the same people. Also, team pictures were bad this year. We were split up with 6 feet between each of [us] and we looked like bowling pins.” Normally sports pictures are taken with the team standing close together. This year, while they can’t be close together physically, this team is still close to each other and had a fun season. 

   Mayes said, “We have tried to prioritize being a team this year throughout the craziness because we don’t want to lose that.” Mayes added, “That is something that every sports team will have to work on, keeping the team spirit alive.”

  For many of the class of 2021 seniors, making memories this year is going to look different than the typical high school senior memories. “ It has been a great season and I am really happy that I had the opportunity to play this great game. It allowed me to make some friends and just have fun in a time that has been hard for us all.”