Happy 20th Birthday, Mountain View!

Destiny Jurado, Reporter

  As the school knows, this year is Mountain View’s 20th birthday. To celebrate it, MVHS isn’t able to go all out in spirit gear, unfortunately. However, the school still has an opportunity to learn from it. A walk down memory lane might be what Mountain View needs, to see how much MVHS has changed and how it has stayed the same.

  Since the school has opened, there has been so much that has changed, not only with school spirit but there have been physical changes. As Ms. Julianne McMahon says, “The pool, small gym, auditorium, and Rabbit Ears are all new additions since I was here as a student.  When Mountain View was built, it was only structured to house about 1000 students.  In 2000 when the school opened, there were just over 700 students enrolled here (no senior class year one).  We surpassed the 1000 student enrollment by my Junior year, so they had to bring in the cottages, then a few years later add on to the building.” It is very interesting to hear how the school has changed and how there have been things added to it.

  Now when it comes to the teachers who have been here since day one, who are all about school spirit, James Lowndes is the first person to come to any student’s mind. “The people, no doubt about it.  It’s not just the ones that work here, either but the thousands, literally thousands of students that have passed through these doors and down its halls.  They all are the best of Mountain View,” says Lowndes. Going off of that, teaching at a school for 20 years takes commitment and dedication, but it also allows for new experiences in life. Lowndes said, “if there’s one thing that has stayed constant throughout the years, it is that MVHS has, for some unknown reason, always had an awesome staff. It is a magnet for awesome people.  I am just blessed to be included with those people. I kind of slipped in under the radar and now they just can’t seem to get rid of me! says Lowndes.

  McMahon has not been teaching at Mountain View for 20 years, but she was one of us when the school first opened as a student. Now, she’s an MVHS teacher herself, and has been teaching for a while. One thing McMahon has always been super great at is school spirit, she says.I would still love to see more school spirit, pride, and student involvement across the board.  It breaks my heart to go to a football or basketball game and see the students in the crowd sitting in the bleachers, not paying attention to the game, taking selfies, and playing on their phones,” said McMahon,  “I’ll tell you from first-hand experience, it’s awesome working where I went to school and with some of my former teachers, but even being here ‘reliving’ high school year after year, there are still times I wish I could go back and do it all over again, change some aspects, and just enjoy everything more.”

The team of mountain lions can always get better at showing their school spirit, but in a confusing year, they should try their hardest anyway to celebrate the 20th birthday of MVHS!