A New Cross Country

Tanner Kufeld, Reporter

  Cross country is demanding a Sport; With a Pandemic and wildfires, the 2020 cross country team at Mountain View has had an extra hard season. On top of that, the team is led by a new head coach, Whitney Hornung.

  Senior and four Year returning athlete Brad Campbell explained how the sport works,” Points are determined by where you place in the race, for example, you win you get one point, second place gets two, third gets three, and so on” The goal is to have the least amount of points. They start the races with everyone on the starting line together.

  However, the season is a bit different this year. Campbell explained how the races are different from the pandemic,” practices are socially distanced, and races are done in waves instead of one big intense one like they have been in the past.”  A fellow 4-year athlete, Conner Hallagan, also added that many athletes are adjusting to the new coaching style they are being introduced to. 

  Also, Making the season challenging this year is the wildfires. Campbell explained,” wildfires have been making it much harder to breathe since we run for so long. Our athletes with asthma have really been taking a toll due to the smoke in the air,” Hallagan added,” The smoke was definitely there. It affected each of us differently, but when that was combined with the heat, it made for some interesting days.” Junior and three-year returning athlete Triston Burch added, The ash in the air it made it difficult to breathe sometimes.” 

  Despite all of this, the Runners on Mountain View’s team have been performing at the top of their game. They have been preparing since last June; as Hallagan put it,” I’ve personally been looking forward to this season since I knew we wouldn’t be having a track season last year. Our team though has really been putting in work since early June and building on what we had from track” Most of the athletes have been feeling the same way. 

  Campbell has had lots of success. “I have been ranking top 20-30 regularly, but in the most recent event, I finished second” However, not every athlete has been so lucky. An injury in the late summer has kept Hallagan from performing at the top of his game. He is, however, keeping a good attitude about it,’I have been out all season but am making my way back and feeling fit, and I’m excited to see where I can stack up once I get back.” 

  They are expecting to have a good turn out at State with at least four athletes going to state- Brad Campbell, Jackson shorten, Coltyn Nichols, Lucas Schneider, and conner Hallagan. Their strongest runner is Jackson shorten. “Jackson is definitely on track to go to state and make a top five push, but I think we have a solid team this year, and we will be looking to join Jackson in Colorado Springs.” 

  They are all excited to see how the seasons continue to go; they are five weeks into an eight week season, which means that regionals are coming up, and Campbell put it,” The regional meet is by far the biggest and most challenging event of the year. Still, it is also the most important, making it exhilarating and something to look forward to!” Conner Agreed as well,”  that’s the one that will take us to state, so we’ve been working hard for that meet since we started in the summer.”

  Campbell and Hallagan agreed that the team is on a good path. The freshmen have been stepping up and becoming apart of the team. It’s clear that year is all about building culture.