Leading Us Through The Storm

Destiny Jurado, Reporter

As students, online learning and COVID-19 have been hard and very confusing, but at the end of the day, it all worked out. This is all props to the amazing MVHS admin team, particularly principal Jane Harmon. COVID-19 has affected more than just students, it has also had a profound effect on the teachers and school schedule.


When it comes to students, it has taken a huge effect because they no longer have to get up, get ready, and drive or walk to school. Students can still be in bed or at home while at school. It has not been easy for anyone, especially teachers and administrators. Harmon says, “’I am especially fortunate to work with the current staff at MVHS. I’ve never felt the positive momentum and collective efficacy among high school staff as I currently feel at MVHS. The easiest part of my job right now is when I’m working with this collection of truly professional people who place student needs first.” Moreover, the teachers have always been putting their student’s needs before theirs, and as a teacher, that can be difficult. As this pandemic goes on still for months on end, including going into lockdown and doing online for the last part of last year, the fact that teachers have always put students’ needs first has made this easier on Harmon.


If there was one word to explain how this has been on the leaders of the school, it would be “stress”, for the teachers and admin not being able to help us when we need it, some students at school need hands-on learning and need to be with the teacher to really understand the concept, “The most stressful aspects, to me, are twofold: 

 Not seeing our students last spring and not having consistent interactions with them was disheartening. Our school year ended with an abruptness and without any of the typical celebrations and rites of passage that accompany a typical end of the school year. These made both for a disappointing finish to the year for all stakeholders as well as to a lack of distinction of what might be normal recharging during summer for students and staff. “ Said Harmon.


As students head back to school starting in October, all things will change. There will be certain regulations we must follow to stay in person, and class schedules will not be the same as they were last year. The new schedule has 2-4 classes a day, and for some students, their classes are overlapping. Everything has changed so much, but as Harmon says, “Yes and no. We all know that our school life will be changed, but how we react to these changes and how we treat each other with respect, kindness, and caring will be what makes it bearable. MVHS is a great place to be with students, parents, and staff who work together positively; these hallmarks need not change. “


As students just go with the flow and go through all of it together as a lion tribe, while social distancing and wearing masks above the nose, of course, they know they will get through this. Kudos to Mrs. Harmon as well for leading the MVHS community through this dark and scary storm.