2020 Football Season

Josiah Diaz, Reporter

  This past month has been a roller coaster of emotions for the MVHS football team. One week CHSAA is telling us we can’t go and then the next week they’re telling us we can play. But as of this week, CHSAA gave us the okay to go ahead and play this season. The Mountain View team is beyond excited to be back out there playing.

  A lot of different emotions have been seen throughout the whole football team but playing football is good for us. Some players were not too happy and others were just happy we got a season. Senior lineman Riley Cogan  said, “ It doesn’t matter what shape you’re in, everyone will be excited to be back out there.” Senior lineman Elijah Santos is also ready to get back out there and play. “I’ve been waiting all summer for this season and since we are starting now and not in February I can now graduate in December so I’m pretty excited about that.” 

  MVHS is known for how loud we can get during football games but due to the global pandemic, fans at the games are very unlikely to be present due to the COVID guidelines. I asked some football players if they think we will have fans and some said very unlikely and others said yes. Coach Hall addressed that when we come back we will only have nine days of practice before game day.

  Players questioned if that would be enough time to be prepared for game day. Santos said, “I think we should be fine if everyone is paying attention and getting these plays down.” Cogan said, “Definitely! If we try hard enough and work before those nine days start.” The Mountain Lions are set to kick off the 2020 season.