The Bigger Risk Covid-19 Or Injuries?

Nasier Graham, Reporter

  The question of injuries or COVID bringing more damage has been brought up multiple times in conversations. When I was at my house working out doing push-ups, sit-ups, and cardio, I remember looking down at my phone and seeing a notification. I don’t think many people thought we were going to receive a message from the Team App and see that we might have a possibility of only a seven-game season. To think we might not have playoffs, made it a tough day.

  I asked former and current players from the Mountain View football team about their thoughts on the 2020 football season. Former player Luke Hard responded by saying, “I think granted there has been a coaching staff change and the whole COVID-19 thing sucks, but if you’re allowed to suit up and hit someone across from you, yeah I would play.” Current player Izaiah Grado responded with, “Honestly you should play we have waited too long and this team is not like any other, we’re a monster group.”

  Another concern was how the Mountain View Football staff protects players from injuries. Hard said, “There should be more emphasis on the weight room. Last season, we didn’t have access to ours so there were multiple injuries but being in the weight room can help prevent injuries.” I believe working out and getting a good physique is the best you can do if you have the time. Grado said, “I think we should do more lifting and players need to practice social distancing.”

  Luke also said, “I feel like as of now, COVID-19 is the larger threat. CHSAA will do its best to limit the spread but there’s nothing they can do to totally protect players.” I proposed the question of what the bigger risk was; Covid-19 or injuries. Grado said, “COVID-19 no question, we have never seen an outbreak like this.”  We have seen thousands of deaths from COVID-19 in 2020 so far. In history, there are not that many people who have died from sport-related injuries. Most would agree that the bigger risk is COVID-19 but some think the bigger risk is getting injuries because of the shortened offseason; what do you think is a bigger risk?