Splish Splash, Swim Season Is Back!

Bailey Vrem, Reporter


The start of Mountain View’s girls swimming will kick off Jan. 4, 2021. The season would typically begin in November with roughly a week of preseason and continue till the middle of February. Covid-19 has caused many setbacks and shortened all sports seasons this year. 

  Former coach Jeff Collins will likely not be returning. Athletic director Lauren Anderson said, “we are looking to hire a new coach and are still in the process of that, so we don’t have one lined up at this point.” It is unclear whether the former assistant coach will be returning.

  “Right now, there is a plan for state,” said Anderson, “obviously anything can change during the season.” CHSAA has a plan for what state championships will look like including all the new limitations.

  One of the limitations included in the restricted athletics is off-seasons. Mountain View pool facilities will not be available for any offseason training because of the District regulations. “Out of season sports are not allowed to be in our building using our facilities. We are giving the priority to those in season,” said Anderson. 

  Swimmers likely will not have a training facility during the offseason unless the coach decides to use facilities located elsewhere. If that were to happen, it would be more club-based rather than Mountain View sponsored, according to Anderson. 

  Mountain View will still be sharing a pool with Berthoud. However, the District is aiming to have different practice times to keep everyone safe and healthy. “With us trying not to mix students who are interacting with each other,” said Anderson, “I would guess that we would most likely try to handle that by trying to have different practice times so we can still share the pool.”

  CHSAA has required masks at all times when you’re not actively participating in an event. The assumption is that swimmers will wear masks when they are not swimming and will most likely pass the mask to the coach right before they start, according to Anderson. 

  Volunteers this year will be limited and will be expected to wear masks when they are on deck, still District officials are trying to limit the amount of exposure and have discussed hosting virtual meets this year.

  “Basically, we will run our own meet at Mountain View, and someone else from our league or conference will run their school, and then we’re just sharing times back and forth,” said Anderson. Swimmers would not be swimming in the same pool, to eliminate the need to have more timers and volunteers.

  The allowance of spectators will depend on the number of incoming cases and what CHSAA is observing. The limit for indoor sporting events is suggested to be 75 people; that number can change considering that there isn’t an official approval of indoor sports yet, including swimming. More news will be available a week or two before the start of the swim season.

  The latest change to the season is locker room availability. Students will occasionally be allowed to change in the locker rooms if they need to after school, and there will be limited numbers on how many people can be there.

  “In terms of storing things in the locker rooms, showering, anything like that,” said Anderson, “that won’t be allowed. Locker rooms are really limited to potential bathroom use and quick changes before practice.”

  Conference competing is still undecided on whether it will occur because of the limitations put in place by the District. Mountain View is even slotted to host although it has the possibility of becoming a virtual meet instead, according to Anderson. There is not a definitive answer until conference dates get closer. 

  Eligibility looks slightly different this year for student-athletes. “Out of the four classes that you’re now taking, you have to be enrolled in at least three to be full time and eligible that way,” said Anderson. The same rules apply that you can’t be failing more than one class.

  There are still regain dates with CHSAA as there would be in an average year. “At semester right before the start of the girls swim season in January, anyone who is failing more than one class at that semester mark would be out until a regain date,” said Anderson. 

  The regain date for girls is Jan. 25, and students gain their eligibility back. March. 5 is the set day for 4A state championships currently. The regular season competitions will end on Feb. 27.

  “We’re working really hard to keep our website updated with all the changes as they come,” said Anderson, “so anytime we have official information from CHSAA about dates when we can start practices and coach contact information, we’re trying to keep that updated on our Mountain View athletics website.”

  For more information on sports, keep an eye on mvhsathletics.org to always stay in the loop with incoming news from CHSAA.  Anderson said, “we’re excited to keep moving forward with sports; hopefully they continue to do it and continue to have spectators.”