Can Mountain View Bounce back from week one loss

Nasier Graham, Reporter


  “In 2009 Mountain View lost their first game of the season to Fort Morgan, but proceeded to go on a crazy winning streak of 9 in a row and eventually getting to the semi-finals, but lost. But this season is different we have the potential to be Mountain View’s best football team ever.”

Those were the first words Coach Mayes told the football team after the week one loss against Fort Morgan. Following Mayes’s words, Coach Burch said, “the best improvement by a team is going from week 1 to week 2.”

  When asking starting linebacker Daniel Parsek what can we improve on defense, he responded with, “as far as defensively tackling, pad level and hustling to the ball because we should be unbeaten but we won’t lose again. We’re gonna fix all our mistakes in practice.” 

  Izaiah Grado felt we could improve on offense he said, “it’s simple, we need to score we need to get in the end zone and get our defense off the field as much, we can not play like that and expect to win.” Quarterback Aaron Baumann had the same to say. Baumann said, “I have to play better as a leader on the team and we gotta convert on 3rd down and give our defense a break. We will have a great season I won’t let my team fail.”

  Grado also said,  “we’re going to win state it was our first time playing someone else no scrimmage this year so we were kinda off.” Parsek said, “we’re going to do what the 2009 Mountain view team couldn’t be, we’re going to win it all.” Parsek also said, “we’re going to play physical and our defense won’t give up points easily our coaches prep us and gets us ready to play every day and our offense just started to click, so I’m pretty high on expectations. Grado says, “Our defense keeps them off the field and if our offense keeps scoring our team will start rolling and it’s gonna be pretty scary to play against us, we have very few weaknesses.