Who would students want to teach them?

Tanner Kufeld, Reporter

You would expect students to say ridiculous things when you present them with the question,” If you could have anyone dead or alive in the world teach you, whom would it be?” However, most students gave quite serious answers, that is all except the 3rd grader. I asked students ranging from college to elementary school to see how their answers would differ. Students mentioned people you have probably never heard of. 

  Politics are a huge talking point this year, with the elections and the protests. Former Mountain view student and CSU graduate Noah Sisson said, “I would want Pablo Neruda to teach me about poetry and politics, especially in today’s world. Not only was Neruda a soulful poet, but he was also a thoughtful diplomat who never did anything because it was easy, but because he had moral conviction.” Sisson has a passion for poetry as he has just graduated with an English degree. 

  Ruth Bader Ginsberg has also passed, making her everyone’s favorite supreme court judge. May she rest in peace. Mountain View graduate Olivia Tate, who is currently studying nursing at PLU, said, “I think I’d have Ruth Bader Ginsburg teach me about being a Supreme Court Justice and how she overcame the struggles of being a woman in a man’s world. I would have her teach me how she became a justice to change the world from a man’s into anyone. ” Tate is a Vegan and a feminist.  There is a theme of politics among college students. 

  The Highschoolers carried the theme of serious answers, as the student council president Braden Bomgaars said, “If I could have one person teach me at Mountain View High School, I would have Tom Bilyeu teach a self-development class. I’ve chosen this because Tom Bilyeu while having created a billion-dollar company qualifying his own success, runs a successful podcast called Impact Theory, where he interviews various successful people. This means I would be getting the knowledge not only that he’s acquired through his own experience, but also the experience of 100’s of business moguls and hyper-elite individuals. Some of these names include David Goggins, Colin O’ Brady, Dr. Steven Gundry, Irwin Winkler, and Aubrey Marcus. This is the equivalent of saying I want infinite wishes to a genie, but I think it counts.”

  The theme among highschool students is that they would talk to business owners and successful people. That is with one outlier; Anna Grace said she would want to talk to the queen of England; she would like to hear about her life and be taught mannerism. 

  Middle schooler Maya Thom had an unexpected answer as well. “I would pick Helen Keller because she was deaf and blind, and she wrote a book, and I am not deaf or blind, and I don’t think I would be able to write a book.” The middle schoolers seemed to have a theme of never getting back to me.

  The elementary schoolers took a different route, but not actually doing real people. Rusty Latimer said, “I would talk to Squidward because I don’t understand why he is so grumpy.” Latimer explained that he would try to make Squidward enjoy life more.