Mountain View fashionista

Tanner Kufeld, A student of the world


At Mountain View High School, there are several fashionistas. One of them is senior Melanie Macias. Macias has been into fashion since she was able to dress; rumor has it that she could put together an outfit straight out of the womb. 

  Macias loves fashion, but she doesn’t love brands. She said,  “I dont like brands anymore, I don’t think brands help with fashion. I do have one brand I like a lot, and that brand is Coach. That’s because I like the quality of them. You can go to the store and get your Coach products cleaned; not many other brands offer that.”

  Junior Noah Ling is also a student that has a good taste for fashion. Ling said, “I think the neutral and less logo the better, for as far as style goes.”

  Macias gets inspiration from many different people. However, one of her favorite fashionistas is Kylie Jenner. “She is just such a trendsetter. She is street style and Cali style at the same time,” said Macias, “street style is what you would wear to New York or Orleans; it is things like oversized sweaters and sweatpants.”  She feels like Cali style is a chill vibe with crop tops, almost like a hipster beach vibe. Macias also said, “one of my favorite styles is low street style. You wear a classic oversized T-shirt and baggy jeans. None of the Jenners really wear that.” 

  Macias said,” it’s not hard to be fashionable. I think someone is stylish when they know how to dress without needing a brand. Most people believe that brands are style, but they just aren’t, it makes most people look stupid. It is up with one of the worst mistakes you can make.

  She continued,” There is a kid at our school that always wears Jordans, and Supreme and Gucci, and it all just looks bad put together. Lousy fashion is also wearing patterns together, like a plaid shirt and plaid shoes, Or if you’re wearing cheetah print, dont wear zebra print at the same time!”

  According to Macias, “you may be making a mistake if you wear too many bright colors, or if you’re a girl and wear jean shorts and leggings, or baggy shorts. Ling said,  “sweatpants are not bad, but when it comes to style, a nice shirt or sweater would look ten times better with jeans or actual pants.”

  “You need to be comfortable in what you are wearing; otherwise, it will make you look awkward, and that will make the outfit look bad,” said Macias,  “I always wear things that make me comfortable, I enjoy sweaters and jeans.” She thought it was important to add that boys should try to do more than just sweatpants, flannel, and a hoodie.

  Recently she has spent well over 500 dollars on clothes. She said she wouldn’t rather spend her money on anything else. She is looking into nursing, but she would love to pursue fashion when she grows up.