Does YouTube really help students?

Noah Ling, Reporter

  As time goes on, technology advances just as fast, if not faster. It used to be where people couldn’t even carry a phone and now, in nearly everyone’s pocket, is an extremely thin phone with access to more information than people can imagine. Younger generations are always up to date with technology and are finding ways to use it for benefit and for pleasure. Social media is a fun way to keep in touch with people, but with a quick search on Google or Youtube, the answer to any question can be right there. 

  Young people nowadays use youtube for anything, on the platform, there are videos about everything from math tutorials, to how to fix a car. With classes being online in 2020 it can be easy to zone out and miss out of class and fall behind but if that happens youtube is a go-to on how to learn more about the said topic.

  “I use YouTube for just about everything, I’m an independent person so I’m always searching up how to do things like change a tire or gathering information on things I need to know about my car. It’s also nice for leisure because I have some YouTubers I subscribe to and that fills my entertainment when I’m bored of Instagram or TikTok,” said junior Bailey Vrem.

  Though technology is constantly helping people with things, it also teaches kids how to be lazy and unmotivated. Due to everything being online, the eagerness to learn is becoming rarer. The amount of people who don’t pay attention in class is growing rapidly and that can be a direct cause of technology.

  It’s easy to go off in your head and miss out on class, especially online but the motive to have to pay attention in order to pass is declining. The access kids have is helpful in some aspects but in others, it does not help with the massive problem there is in America today with unmotivated kids. 

  Through all the pros and cons of technology, the whole world can agree on the fact that its helpful in day to day life, no matter what. In school and everyday life, a definition of a word or a calculator is easily accessible through our phones and it gives us a ton of convenience.