Return to Remote

Noah Ling

  Throughout 2020, the battle with COVID-19 has been a struggle all over the world. Schools from Pre-K to College have been struggling with remote and in-person learning. Both students and teachers enjoy the real-life classroom experience that was taken for granted before this pandemic. 

  Since October 26th, Mountain View High School has been a hybrid of online and remote. However, due to the rise of cases the past couple of weeks, as of November 20th classes are going back online until January. A solid month for the first semester as a whole was surely something to remember. 

  Students and teachers are very disappointed to go back online. It used to be normal for kids to dislike going to school, but this very unordinary change of events humbled kids and made them appreciate being in class. 

  Although Mountain View has been in person for about a month now, it hasn’t all been easy. The odd new schedule has caused teachers to assign extra work to accommodate the larger classes. As well as school work, several students have had to quarantine themselves for weeks from being exposed to the virus. 

  Senior year is tough in normal times and getting through is a massive accomplishment. Seniors have to leave all that is ordinary and leave friends and teachers they’ve met along the journey. The last days of school being online for 2020 seniors is not the most joyful way for it to end. “I honestly prefer online, it’s easier and less hassle however before I graduate I would like to come back to school purely for the nostalgia,” said senior Tanner Kufeld.