Is cereal a soup?

Noah Ling

  High school students have many weird, yet interesting opinions on funny topics. One is whether cereal is a soup or not. Silly topics such as this help students take a moment to relax and take a break from the seriousness and intensity of life. 

Generally, society sees a soup as a savory dish as opposed to a sweet dish. When it comes down to it, cereal is a liquid with solids in it, just like soup. The definition of a soup is, “liquid food prepared by boiling.” Soup is also defined as something that extracts flavor by letting it soak; therefore, cereal is soup by definition. 

  During the COVID-19 pandemic, people all across the world had months away from normal life and it gave an extreme amount of time to have fun and be bored. Most people did a little bit of both, but in a time of such uncertainty and harsh reality, fun things to talk about with friends and family really helped a majority of the population stay happy. 

  Cereal companies are always making various kinds. Some are healthy, others are sweet. But who’s to say they can’t be a soup, even with that unordinary description? Commonly, people want things to be the same, and not too much different from what they are used to. That’s why this topic is definitely one most can’t get behind.

  People are so caught up in politics and other things that dominate arguments. Society should try having fun and talking about things that don’t matter. It can help keep humanity less hostile towards others with opposing viewpoints.

  This topic isn’t nearly as sensitive as talking about politics. Not many people have thought about this, so answering is extremely difficult. “Milk is the broth and the cereal is the food so it makes sense that it’s soup,” says senior Tanner Kufeld.  His opinion on this topic was very strong.