Teacher opinions on in school vs online

Gavyn Carbajal, Reporter

  The Thompson School District has been in school for around a month (no longer in session), the students and teachers have differing opinions on in-school learning vs online or remote learning. 

  Matt Hall stated, “I am doing what they call the high-flex teaching style which means there’s class every day and Autumn loves it.” The teaching style Hall uses allows the students to not lose any teaching time using a google meet. This lets Hall’s students ask questions and talk to him about whatever they need including their remote learning days.

  Amanda Sanders said, “I like the flexibility that it affords me since I have kids at home. However, I think that it is much harder to get in contact with students and get them caught up and explain things to them. So, I prefer the in-person learning.” Online learning has its pros and cons but the constructability with the students helps with teaching and explanations to help the students learn the given curriculum. 

  There has been recent news of another quarantine from school, meaning teachers and students have to go to full online once again. Sanders mentioned, “at first I was really upset. I feel like I was just starting to form connections with my students and get into a groove and then we got the news. After some reflection, I tried to look at the positive, like the ability to work at home and not have as many lessons to plan or keep track of and I am feeling better about it now. However, still disappointed.” Going back online is somewhat disappointing, to say the least, but the simplicity to work from home is fairly nice and relaxing, despite the loss of connections and things you can do in online school. 

  Teachers and students alike enjoyed school and the in-person interaction. With the new quarantine, it will give everyone a chance to get back into the rhythm of waking up and hopping into school on their computers.