Mountain View Students and the Block Schedule

Gavyn Carbajal

  Some people like change and don’t mind a little mix-up; others don’t. However, the students in the Thompson School District don’t have a choice this year. A few students from two different grades gave some insight into how their 2020-2021 school year will be affected by the new block schedule and virtual learning. 

  “I go to bed a bit earlier now, earlier than actual school,” said sophomore Kayne Hayden.  “It affected my sleep because I can be anywhere comfortable in my class and just fall asleep,” said Angelina Saenz Castaneda, “and it’s hard to get up when you know you’ll just be at home all day.” The students sleep schedules have undergone a few changes to comply with the new block schedule and online learning, and students find it hard to stay awake during courses because you can do class anywhere in the comfort of your own home.

  Senior Kaylee Rewerts at Mountain View said, “the teachers keep us on track to make sure we do everything on time because this is the last chance to finish school.” Hayden conflicted with, “they barely keep us on schedule, the teachers go over the synchronous time and make us do the homework at night, and when all the teachers do that we have too much work for a night and going to bed on time.” The students seem divided on this, so the teachers must also be split in giving the students work time vs giving no work time and having them do it after the classes are over. 

  Castaneda also said, “I’d much rather be in person. It’s a lot easier in person because if you need help they can’t really help you over a screen and if you have anxiety, then you don’t want the whole class to hear your question.” The resounding amount of people who’d instead go into real school and do in-person learning is vast. Students don’t want to do the online alternative; they’d rather get in-person help and experience from their teachers. Especially relating to the anxiety some students experience in a big group setting, they do not ask questions and fall behind in the online new block setting.

  In conclusion, the new block schedule is mostly disliked by students and has them even more confused and behind than regular school did. Sleep schedules are messed up, teachers don’t use time appropriately and at home-work with a new schedule can be a tough transition to succeed in.