Tackling the standards

Bailey Vrem, Editor

During the transition from middle school to high school, one of the prominent thoughts is, “What can I do for fun around here?” Being a female football player doesn’t seem like the first option for most and for sophomore Brooke Krebs, it certainly wasn’t the first sport she had in mind. 

 Krebs ran into trouble with finding the sport for her freshman year. She hadn’t previously been on any team sports before high school. It didn’t take long before Krebs found the sport for her: football. “I wanted to do a team sport and volleyball wasn’t really going,” Krebs said, “football was the only other option.”

  As far as hobbies before high school, Krebs did tap dancing and jazz for twelve years before stopping. In comparison to dance, football is significantly different; let alone being in a position where you can expect to get hit frequently and repetitively.  

  Nevertheless, that didn’t stop Krebs from chasing her dreams. Starting her freshman year, Krebs played defensive tackle for Mountain View’s C-team. Now in her sophomore year, she is playing both defensive and offensive tackle. Krebs will continue focusing on football for the duration of her time at Mountain View. She has high expectations to play all four years of high school, although she is not anticipating any offers from colleges.

  Krebs admits that one of the hardest challenges with football was understanding the game. “Before I played football, I didn’t even know what a tackle was,” Krebs said, “it was really hard figuring out how to properly tackle someone.” 

  She also mentions that getting tackled for the first time by someone a lot bigger than her was pretty terrifying. “At first they didn’t hit me at their full capacity,” said Krebs, “but once they realized I wasn’t going to go easy on them, they went really hard on me.” Adjusting to the new rules and the unfamiliar environment was challenging for Krebs, but she quickly overcame those obstacles and she feels like the team warmed up to her pretty quickly. 

  Her favorite part of playing football is her accomplishments. “I set a goal to at least suit up for a varsity game, and I already met that goal,” said Krebs. She refuses to let obstacles get in the way of her accomplishments because she has an incredibly high standard for achieving those goals. 

  “Setting goals for myself is usually how I motivate myself,” Krebs said, “I kind of just go with the flow, but for some of my bigger goals, I make them seem almost impossible. That’s what keeps me going when I don’t want to go anymore.” Her mentality on goal setting is extremely important and aids her in success both on and off the field. 

  Success in school is just as important as success on the field. Krebs does her best to stay on top of her schoolwork and get ahead whenever it’s possible. “There are nights where I feel like I can do stuff and those nights I force myself to do stuff,” Krebs said, “that way on the nights I’m too tired to do anything, I don’t have to.”

  Krebs frequently takes care of her body by sticking to a consistent schedule of working out every day except for the weekends when she’s not actively participating in football. This contributes to her strong physique and participation in other sports allows her to stay conditioned and fit for football.

  With that being said, Krebs is not the person to be messed with. Krebs is an accomplished athlete that has a bright future ahead. She’s motivated, strong-willed, and incredibly goal-driven, “I am planning to play all four years,” Krebs said,  “that’s one of the goals I made for myself.” Nothing will get in the way of her goals, she’ll be sure to tackle them head-on!