“The Most Important Rule at the School is…”

Maddie Bellmar, Reporter

Rules aren’t for most people. They can range anywhere from following the speed limit to not being allowed to build sandcastles in Spain (seriously look it up). Some rules are more important and others just don’t make sense. At Mountain View High School, all rules are important but some are just a tier above others and that’s okay, they can’t all be MVPs.

  Starting strong sophomore Conner Pannone said, ”No bullying is the most important rule at the school because people should be allowed to be themselves.” In elementary school and middle school teachers like to crack down on the no-bullying rule and make sure everyone is included. Paxton Walker, a sophomore said, “Treating everyone the way you want to be treated. The high school experience can be really scary for a lot of people especially if they don’t have anyone to talk to, so just that inviting atmosphere of being inclusive really helps out the people that are a little nervous in high school.”

  High school can cause students to get nervous with the increase of work, both at home and in school. Sophomore Jim Cathey said, “Getting your priorities straight and putting work first is the most important rule. If you don’t you’ll end up with piles and piles of work.” Hopefully, that isn’t an issue, but if it is, it’s important to show respect so you can get help. Sophomore Abbey Atwood said, “Respect your teachers, your friends, yourself, your belongings, and pretty much everything. If you don’t then nothing would get done and nobody would like each other.”

  Respect is an important rule and one way to show that is giving support and getting out of the way (literally). Sophomore Alice Dailey said, “Don’t stand in the middle of the hallway, no I’m kidding,  I’d say the most important rule at school that EVERYONE should follow (especially the sophomores) is to show school spirit, cause I think it’s important to get everyone hyped.”

  Getting hyped can be shown by cheers, chants, and clothing (as long as it’s appropriate.) Sophomore Brad Rogers said, ”The most important rule at the school is the dress code because if people showed up not wearing clothes, it would be very awkward.” Sophomore Jacob Berg would have to agree, “No shirt. No shoes. No service. I think that’s a good rule because it keeps people safe and provides a clean campus.”

  Speaking of campus, freshman Levy Cole said,” I can’t think of the most important rule but I do know the stupidest–, freshmen not being allowed off-campus.” All jokes aside, “Probably making sure that kids don’t have their phone out during class because that way they can get a good education,” said Cole.

  From not standing in the halls to showing respect and not bullying, all rules are important and necessary to follow. Even if that means not building a sandcastle in Spain.