Time of Our Lives

Gavyn Carbajal, Reporter

The MVHS sophomores missed out on a homecoming dance last year and missed a big portion of fun activities they had looked forward to their freshman year. A few students will give a recap on how they feel about finally getting a dance and what they expect or hope for at the dance. 

  Aela Hollis had disinterest feelings about losing the dance in freshman year. Hollis said, “I don’t really care,” and unfortunately I don’t think she is the only one experiencing those feelings. The sophomores don’t care too much about losing the dance because they never had it to begin with. A homecoming for people that had never been to one is like taking something that was never yours.

  Maddie Bellmar also stated, “The dance has good promo, but they should have announced the theme earlier.” The promotion for the dance such as the posters and announcements were good ways to tell people about it, but the theme took was announced later than usual this year.

  Waiting for a theme builds suspense, and if it’s not the theme students anticipated there will be some form of disappointment. If there was more time before HOCO occurred, then the buildup would have been an acceptable wait time for a theme. With less than a week to hear the theme, it is expected that some people aren’t going to be as prepared and excited.

  Both Hollis and Bellmar said that “No, we’re not excited, the theme is weird.” The long wait time for the theme and a weird theme combination makes people think the dance will be lame and not meet expectations. The bar has been lowered for people who hadn’t even been to a high school dance yet. With the different themes, the school has a chance to make a great dance and have a fantastic HOCO for all grades.

  With so many sophomores missing out on the dance, they will finally get to go to one! They will be able to make memories and have a great time. All people involved will get a chance to see what Mountain View’s Spirit is really like!