Softball Swingin’

Brooklyn Capuano, Reporter

  The girl’s softball team has been playing many games recently, and their recent game on Tuesday, Aug. 31st was a great one for the improvement of the team. With the 13 girls playing varsity from grades 9 through 12, they’ve really improved their plays and are taking action to rise to the top. Seniors Reese Wagnon and Sierra Sikich elaborated on their team, the opposing team, and the improvement of their play. 

  Wagnon started by expressing her feelings about the outcome of the game. She said, “We lost,” laughing it off as she said, “It wasn’t our best game and it wasn’t our worst, either. We gained knowledge of what to do for the next game to improve, and we had fun playing this game like we often do for most of our games, and we may have lost but our spirits are up.”

  “We have hope for our next games, and it’s only the first of many games of the season, so I’m not extremely upset with the results.” said Wagnon,  “of course, it’s disappointing, any game that you lose would be, but we’re not going to let that keep us down.” 

  The team seems to have hope for the future games, and they used this loss as a form of growth rather than letting it get to them. Sikich said, “We may have lost, but if we always expect to win, then losing would really bring us down, and our wins wouldn’t be as satisfying if we just expected them to happen. We have to work for it and put effort into what we want, so yes we lost, but that’s not going to get in our way and we’re not letting it represent us.”

  Sikich also continued with pride in her voice, “Just wait for the next game! We know where we went wrong in this game and we’ll be ready to redeem ourselves!” Don’t miss out on the next game, Sikich has hope for their comeback. 

   “The highlight of our game was all of us coming together and playing together as a team. We are a relatively compatible team and work well together. We lift each other up in times like now, where we may not have had as successful of a game or are as satisfied with the results as we’d like,” Wagnon said,  “but it was worth the play nonetheless and we gained more understanding to one another with what we need to improve on and what we’ve already mastered as a team.”

  Wagnon thinks that her team could stand to work on defense more as a whole. “We definitely work well together, but our hardest part of each game was being able to sync together, I’d say that’s often where teams struggle the most.” 

  Wagnon then said “the other team wasn’t terrible, but I think we both had our struggles in that part of the game. As most people know, each game depends on the players and their willingness to give it their all. Being able to play to the best of your abilities in each and every game, not just the specifically important ones, is going to make a huge difference in your plays. I didn’t perform at my best and I could have done better at batting. Having games super often makes it difficult to do my best every single time, and if I don’t have the will to do so, it makes winning that much harder, but that’s where my team comes in.” 

  Most of Wagnon’s motivation for softball stems from her team. They build her up and give her courage and she is proud that she does likewise for them. The theme of family and community is steadfast in this group and Wagnon feels that the community is one of her favorite parts of playing on the team.

   “This year’s team is a great one, I’m excited to work with them. I think the quality of a team is all based on the cooperation of each individual player and their overall performance as a whole. We don’t 100% have our team in sync with one another just yet, but we are getting there,” said Sikich, “We all have different playing positions each game based on our growth, and I think once we all are in a position that works best for us and we have a set place on the field, then we can all work well together and know what to do without having to shout it out to each other.” 

  Even with a bit of a rocky start to the season, it’s safe to say that the girls are just getting started. Don’t miss out on any future games and make sure to stay updated with the results of each game as we move on with the season. The softball girls are excited and appreciate the support! There’s a game every Tuesday and Thursday unless said otherwise, so don’t miss out on watching the game!