Hyped for HOCO

Noah Ling, Reporter

  High School is a time of learning, growing as a person, and socializing with classmates. Though the threat of COVID continues to linger, things are pointing in a positive direction. Last school year was so remote and riddled with caution, students went without dances. Now, more than ever, the hype for homecoming is through the roof.  

  Homecoming is a time to have fun and let loose with friends, and this school year people are extremely eager to get back into the normal rhythm of the school year. Luckily, this year on Sept. 11th students are thrilled to experience it again. For the freshmen and sophomores, the excitement is high for the first time. 

  Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are all set back a year from HOCO and even prom. Dances are all hyped up however, it’s generally known these things are fun. With people being so deprived of social events the past year, the hype is higher than ever. “I’m excited there’s a homecoming this year, it’s our senior year and it’s like things are slowly getting back to normal. Ever since the pandemic, I feel like people really needed this,” said senior Maha Ali. 

  Along with homecoming comes spirit week and the days this week present some fun themes. Tuesday is “anything but a backpack” day, Wednesday is frat day, Thursday is color wars, and Friday is spirit day. 

  Taking place Friday afternoon is a tailgate before the Homecoming game. There are going to be many activities such as a bouncy castle, barbeque foods, and a food truck. After the tailgate, there is going to be a spirit bus and car train to Ray Patterson Stadium. 

  Throughout the past weekend the tailgate, homecoming game, and bikini bottom-themed homecoming have been a thrilling experience for many students. “Man, that bouncy house was pretty cool!” said senior Ricky Knapp.