New Beginnings

Jayden Graves, Reporter

  The MVHS Football program has changed in many ways over the years. Whether these changes were good or bad the team needed a change. Change can be scary but can also bring you a world of new opportunities. So how did the MVHS team change?

  Sophomore linebacker Ethan Renker said, “I would say teamwork and communication, at the beginning we were still really new with each other and had a whole new offense to learn. As time went on we became closer with each other and started working more as a team.” These are just a few examples of how the team has improved but this also makes a big impact on where the team will go this season. 

  There could also be things that impact the team in an unfortunate way according to Alex Blanco. “We are missing a couple of our best guys and that might take a toll but we are hoping that we pull through and come out on top,” said Blanco. Players can get injured through the season and make it harder for the team to pull through to the playoffs and not get knocked out in the first round. 

  Although the team has some struggles regardless they still have hope. Renker said, “I see us having a winning season and hopefully making it to the playoffs. Frye has got a lot of new coaches to come in and switch up how we win. As long as we keep winning and don’t go back to the old Mountain View, then our season will be good.” Hopes are high for the team and they have faith in themselves and their coaches.

  There were some recent changes to the coaching for the team. The former coach was Coach Mayes but now Coach Frye is running the show and the team loves it. Renker says,  “Honestly I like coach Frye because he’s able to get the team going. I like the way he coaches, we have specific times that we follow and I like the staff that he has brought into the team.” We’ve had our ups and downs, but overall, the attitude remains positive and the players believe success is just around the corner.

  “I think it will continue because we got a new offensive playbook and I think with a lot of practice it will be unstoppable,” said Blanco. This team has definitely improved and undoubtedly will continue to improve, as Renker says, “I think it has improved and is going to continue to improve. We won’t be learning a new playbook every year which will be nice, and our younger kids have the same playbook as us. We keep the same coaching staff and everything and I think it will be alright.”