Let’s Hit the Courts!

Brooklyn Capuano, Reporter

  Sierra Sikich and Brooklyn Capuano have had a badminton tournament against each other to see who the badminton champion is. Both of the girls have experience in badminton and challenged each other to a competition to see who reigns as the champion.

  Capuano has said she has experience in playing badminton because she played against her gym classmates freshman year. Winning against many of the classmates she was put against, her confidence for winning is high. “I didn’t even like sports in freshman year, I was never really athletic back then, but somehow I won against some of the most athletic students in the class. It was definitely the start of my love for badminton,” she said.

  “I have confidence in myself for this match, although it’s been a while since I last played and I am a bit shorter than Sierra, so I’m a little worried, but I’m excited to see how it plays out,” said Capuano. Capuano claims that she will never let Sikich live it down if she wins. She is determined to be the badminton champion. 

  Sikich on the other hand has just a bit of experience. “I’ve just recently started playing badminton, but I’m so good at it, so there’s no way I’m losing,” she said, “Brooklyn’s going down!”

  On the day of the tournament, both Sikich and Capuano were excited to compete. “I’m super ready for this, I’ve been practicing for a few weeks beforehand and I had a good breakfast to stay energized, so I’m totally ready for this!” Capuano said, “Sierra and I have been planning this for a few months now so I’m sure she’s been practicing too, which honestly makes me nervous because I don’t know how good she is at badminton, but I still have high hopes for my win.” 

  Neither of them has seen each other play, so they don’t know who they’re up against in terms of skill and are going in blindly against each other just hoping their badminton skills are better than the other, so they both were anxious to see just who was better. “I will admit, though, I’m really nervous. I was told by a friend that Sierra was really good, and I do have a slight disadvantage with not having played for a few years. I mean, I’ve practiced the last few weeks, but not nearly as much as Sierra, she’s been honing her skill for a while now, so yeah, I’m nervous.” Capuano said.

  The game finally started and the two are up against each other for the first time ever. “We did have some rules for the game which were the basics like hitting the birdy in the boundary, which was about a 22 by 15-foot boundary, and anytime it landed out of the boundary, it would be a point to the other person. Also, if the birdy hit the net at all, that would also be a point awarded to the other person.” Sikich said.

  “We decided to start a practice round to get a better idea of each other’s skills. We actually started with tennis so we could have more control with the heavier ball rather than the lightweight birdy used in badminton, which Brooklyn did end up winning, but our practice round of badminton was a win for me.” Sikich said, “I won 16-21 for the practice round, so it was a relatively close game, and after our warm-up, it was the real deal!” 

“Finally, we played the real game. I was confident for this game, I think we both were, but the ending resulted in a win by me! I won 19 to 21!” Sikich said. “It was a really good game! We played for about an hour and had a lot of fun. We played this match as just a random competition to see who was better since we both were confident in our skill, but it was also a really fun game to go up against each other and we want to do it more often!”

  Capuano addressed her loss saying, “I want a rematch! I may have lost, but I know I’ll win the next one for sure!” She said, “It was really fun, though, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was nice to have a badminton competition against someone I’m close with because it made it that much more enjoyable, and I’ll be waiting for that rematch to reclaim the title of badminton champion!” 

  The two plan to have many more competitions against each other to continue and hone their skills, so we’ll see if the title of badminton champion stays with Sikich or if Capuano will take the title for herself in the future. As for now, Sikich is the badminton champion!