Maddie Bellmar, Reporter

  Hello and welcome back to Lion Pride Times, Mountain View’s very own school newspaper. My name is Maddie Bellmar and I’ll be your host tonight as we recap the show-stopping play put on by the Mountain View Theatre Department. As we go through the play-or story- we’ll get to hear the backstories and wise words about whodunnit. *gasp* So, without further ado, let’s introduce tonight’s cast, drumroll please. *drumroll* 

  Starring the spicy, saucy, and sassy Miss Scarlet played by senior, Alexa Daly. *applause* “I was very excited, very excited, it was the role that I wanted,” said Daly. Next, we have the ever so mysterious, clumsy, yet still classy, Mr.Green, played by senior, Paul Westerfield. “Absolutely, it was one of the roles I was hoping for,” said Westerfield. *continuous applause* Followed by bubbly, crazy, and chaotic Mrs.Peacock, played by junior, Bailey Bianco. “It was a dream role, it was so much fun,” said Bianco. To keep everyone in check we have, pristine and reputable, Mrs.White played by the senior, Abigail Lincoln. And to top it all off and tie everything together we have the proper, sarcastic, and always wise Wadsworth played by senior, Dylan Jensen. “It was a very fun role,” said Jensen. *clapping comes to an end*

  The production of Clue! had lots of audience participation with cue cards much like the ones in this story…*laugh* and cast members can all agree that entertaining the audience was one of their favorite parts of the play. “Honestly, the audience’s laughter. Every single time you make someone laugh it fulfills what you were wanting to do,” said Lincoln. Daly couldn’t agree more, “The involvement and getting to be back on stage again was awesome and just having the audience there and involved.” Before they could perform on stage they needed to learn about the characters they were portraying and of course, with this, came many ups and downs. 

  “The hardest part was just the confidence needed to portray a wide variety of emotions with the character and be a lot more flexible than I usually am, physically, which I was able to bring out, ” said Westerfield. Jensen was in the same boat, not physically, but mentally, having to bend over backward *laugh* to finish memorizing. “The hardest part was probably that one big, long monologue at the end. I didn’t get that entire thing memorized until literally a day before the first show,” said Jensen. Bianco said that her challenges were more based on working with masks. “Probably performing in masks was the hardest. It was really hard to be expressive before we got the clear masks and just made sure we were able to be heard.” 

  After weeks and weeks of hard work overcoming new challenges every day, opening night was finally here. The cast members’ nerves were everywhere but that didn’t stop them from putting on an incredible production. “I think we all were very nervous. We had a couple of rough dress rehearsals and that’s normally how tech week goes. It’s full of nerves and bad run-throughs but we pulled it together,” said Lincoln. Westerfield also agreed that in the end, they put on quite the show.“I wasn’t very tense opening night because I was ridiculously exhausted from everything else I was doing but, it felt incredible to be properly doing it. It felt like another dress rehearsal that went incredibly well,” said Westerfield.

  Many famous actors and actresses have pre-show rituals that they do for ‘good luck’ on opening night. Whether it be eating the same granola bar or saying a little prayer. For the Mountain View High School Theatre Department, there are a couple of traditions that squash the others. “The theatre kids have been doing this before I was even here, before every show we stand on one leg, spin in a circle 3 times, and then yell our favorite cuss word,” said Jensen. Bianco shared a different version of this ritual explaining that you shouldn’t say ‘good luck’ to a performer because it’s considered bad karma. “We always stand on our left leg and before the show, we jump up and down 3 times and we say ‘break a leg’ because it sends away all the bad karma,” said Bianco. Despite these rituals, the show would still be amazing because of how genuine each person is when they perform. 

  “You get to become a completely different person. Anything that is happening in my personal life is totally gone by the time I’m on the stage and I’m acting. When I’m in the role, I’m so focused on all of the theatrical and technical stuff that I forget everything going on outside,” said Lincoln. Westerfield is in the same boat and tries to become the character. “What I love about performing is just the act of giving the audience something wonderful and putting the effort you have as your character. I never try to make it like I am performing as the character but I try to be the character onstage at all times,” said Westerfield. Every one of the cast members’ dedication to this play was incredible and they will have memories that they will remember forever. 

  “I really loved when the cast was rehearsing in the choir room and we had no set to work off of at all but, just rehearsing together, away from the stage, it made us so much closer,” said Lincoln. “On the closing night before we all went on, we all stood in a circle and said one word to describe a cast member. The cast made me cry, they were all really really sweet,” said Daly. For each of the leads, being able to get to know the cast members more and hanging out with each other to ease the nerves played a major role in making memories. “Just hanging out in the dressing rooms before shows and all of that. Especially because I don’t remember what was happening, all I remember was it was fun,” said Jensen. 

  The production of Clue! wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Mr.Jacob who recently took over the Theatre Department. “I would like to thank our new Thespian and Arts Director, Mr. Jacob for taking on this role and he’s been doing an incredible job so far and I greatly appreciate it. I just really enjoyed working with him and seeing what he can bring to the table with us,” said Westerfield. Daly had to agree and views Mr. Jacob as a role model. “I mean definitely thank you to the cast and the crew. Especially Mr. Jacob, because it was his debut for his directing and he did an incredible job and he’s just someone now that I look up to a lot in the theatre department.” *applause*

  We are now coming to the close of this play-or story- and I would like to thank you if you’ve come this far. Our cast members did such an amazing job at portraying the wonderful roles of Miss Scarlet played by Alexa Daly, Mrs.Peacock played by Bailey Bianco, Mr.Green played by Paul Westerfield, Mrs.White played by Abigail Lincoln, and Wadsworth played by Dylan Jensen. Although we may be at the end of the story, the mystery of Clue! still lives on so good luck-or as they say in theatre-break a leg! *gasp*