Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Warren Walz, Reporter

  Would you take a cold shower? The typical answer for most people is a swift and blatant no. In preparation for this paper, I’ve spent the past two weeks taking cold showers and tracking how they can affect mood and attitude. The original idea for this stemmed from the idea of forcing myself to do something uncomfortable, and that if I could push myself to get into a freezing shower that I could push myself harder in other aspects of life.

  Well, in all honesty, it worked. Forcing myself to do things that make me uncomfortable started to have an effect on my work ethic and mindset. Suddenly pushing myself to work on an assignment or clean up my room started to seem like less of a big deal. The hardest part is the initial push to just get in the shower.

  Next time you’re about to take a hot shower, turn the cold water on and watch it run. Before you even step in you already have goosebumps. Despite how intimidating a cold shower can be, it’s not gonna kill you. Take the step into the cold.

  Comfort and fear are great limiting factors in life, the ability to push yourself to do things that would typically make you uncomfortable is broadening the spectrum of possible experiences. The first step to experiencing more is to take that first step into a cold shower. How contempt can you really be with constant comfort?