Day in the life: Exchange Student

Warren Walz, Reporter

  What’s it like to be new? Honestly, I’m not even going to sugarcoat it, it sucks. Going from having a developed social life and transitioning to a new place isn’t easy, but complaining about it doesn’t make it better. When I moved to Loveland and started at Mountain View I was worried that I wouldn’t be accepted as part of the community and school. This was far from the truth, in fact, the people were overall pretty open and friendly. I thought the hard part would be getting accepted by the community, but in actuality, it was accepting that things wouldn’t be the same as they had been in the past.

  Recently I moved to the United States. For the past 15 years, I have been living in various parts of Japan as a military kid. Things are all around pretty different here. One of the biggest differences that I noticed about being at Mountain View is how casual the interactions between the teachers and students are. A lot of the time it seems like the students treat the teachers as equals rather than authoritative figures, which is pretty new to me. Since I grew up going to DODEA military schools, this was new to me, there was always a more formal student-teacher relation.

I had done my freshman through junior years at Kadena High School in Okinawa, Japan. This year I started as a senior at Mountain View. The school is good and most people are friendly. It didn’t take long before I started to meet new people, which was pretty nice. I was nervous that people would be closed off and unwilling to accept someone new, but that couldn’t be further from true. The hardest part of moving isn’t being accepted, it’s accepting that things are different and that new things are okay.