Kick back and relax

Brooklyn Capuano, Reporter

  The Mountain View High School flexible teaching and learning area (FTLA) now has furniture, and we couldn’t be more excited. After a couple of months of bare and empty corridors with no places to sit or work, we now have tables and couches to sit at. Students can now work on their school work with their classes and teachers have bigger spaces to teach their classes. 

  Each FTLA has large group tables, several small couches, and a large couch with movable tables for your work. Teachers can also use the TVs to project their classwork and teach their classes, allowing for better communication among the students and easier ways to help each other. Many MVHS students gave their opinions on the newest addition to our school and showed their excitement, and some teachers also gave their opinions on what they thought. 

  “I think it looks really nice – I like the variety of seating options, and it’s definitely nice to now have furniture to send students out to, rather than sitting on the floor,” Spanish teacher Amanda Sanders said. “I think it was [a good investment], it’s important to have for the school to look nice, and it’s better for the students to be out there and have a place to hang out. I’m excited to send my class out there and use it when I find a good unit to teach.” 

  Sanders also gave her ideas for using the FTLA and incorporating it into her teaching and class days. “I’ve already used it for some students who need a more quiet space to work ahead. I’d like to have a place to use for the class as a whole, but I haven’t figured it out yet. It definitely depends on the unit we’re learning, so I’ll have to work accordingly. In my case, it will also be a privilege for those who can prove they will do the work and get it done, and those who understand the curriculum enough to work by themselves or with their table group.”

   “I don’t think students would be more productive out there, though, so I’ll need to work out a good system so everyone gets their work done and stays engaged,” said Sanders. 

  Some students from her class also expressed their interests and excitement about the new seats. Junior Nora Bickford said, “I really like the new additions to the halls, I’m hoping my classes will use them a lot so we don’t have to sit in chairs as much.”

  “I think it makes the school more welcoming, too, and much more comfortable of a place to be at,” Bickford said. Senior Kacie Friend agreed. “They’re really comfortable, and it gives us a new place to sit which is useful. I also really like how open it is; there’s more space away from people which is nice and also helpful with staying six feet apart… I’ve asked to use them a couple of times but my teachers didn’t allow anyone out there yet, so I’m hoping we will get to use them soon!” 

  Sophomores Isaiah Boeck and Milana Milksch also had something to say about the newly added furniture to the FTLA saying, “They’re really cool, and give us somewhere to sit on our breaks.” “I would rather use them as learning places than in the classroom too because it’s a bit less intimidating and it’s nice to have a change of environment; I feel like I’d get more work done if my class worked out there, so I’m hoping my teachers will use them a lot more,” Milksch said. “I also like the style, it matches the school colors and the carpet, and I really like the spinning chairs… I think it was a really good investment from the school,” she said. Boeck chimed in with his thoughts, “I also like the FTLA rather than the classroom… they’re comfortable and pretty useful for off blocks and class breaks, or working out there during class. I’d want my teachers to use them more so I have a nicer place to work,” Boeck said. 

  Junior LeeAna Miska was also excited to see the newest addition to our school. She said, “I think they’re actually really comfy. They’re unique… definitely a vibe, you know? It’s a place to sit or go without the whole class, and it’s better than the floor for sure. I would prefer the FTLA over the classroom, even with a seating chart; there’s more space and it’s quiet,” Miska concluded. 

  The school is definitely eager to use the new furniture, and they’re all hoping that teachers will include the new setting in the class days.