Working hard or hardly working?

Brooklyn Capuano, Reporter

  Mountain View High School has now added furniture to the FTLA, but just how beneficial will the FTLA be? Some students at MVHS gave their opinions, as well as a couple of teachers. 

  Senior Evan Ediger gave his thoughts on the new furniture and whether it will be beneficial to him as a senior or if he thinks lower classmen will have more use for it. “I personally haven’t been to the FTLA all year, I only used it in ninth or 10th grade. During off blocks I often go to my car, although if I was, and when I was a younger student, I would use it during my off blocks,” Ediger said. 

  “[My teacher] Ernst wants to find a way to use them with the class at some point, though, so it might be beneficial for classes as a whole. Although I haven’t used them, they do look very home-like and comfortable and I would prefer to use the FTLA every now and then during classes to switch up the setting we’re in,” he said.

  Science teacher Joe Ernst said, “I would use the FTLA for group work, it’s very inclusive for students and would be good for certain lab projects to increase the engagement for the class. I do plan on using it, but it depends on finding the right time and lesson to teach. Any time you can change a student’s environment, they will definitely be more engaged, but I think it also depends on the student. Students who choose not to engage will increase the distraction, and I think those with the right mindset of staying engaged will be very productive, but it will need the right person to stay focused,” Ernst said. 

  English teacher Angie Wiens seemed very hopeful for the new furniture added and has some plans for using it for her class. She said “This will be a great opportunity for students who need a new environment to work in. I don’t have plans for a whole class as it can be hard to use it for large groups, but I do have some future plans for using it.” 

  “Even small groups can be hard to manage, so I think it would be very challenging to use it for the entire class of 35 to 36 kids… I think it would also be much harder to teach, and managing so many kids in one space can be a distraction to them and the other surrounding classrooms,” Wiens said. “I do know, though, that I will let out five to six kids at a time, but it depends on the student and if they can stay focused. It can be a privilege that can be taken away from you, too. So staying on task and doing your work would be very important. It’s good for them to understand that these things are used for work to make it easier and more comfortable for them, not something to mess around with and waste your time talking or not being productive, but I do think it will be very beneficial to certain students,” she said. 

  Freshmen Holley Winbourn and Zoey Klaman gave their input as well, saying “I really like it, and I really like working out there. It’s quiet and I can see some of my friends when they walk by during their breaks,” Klaman said. “I like the idea of using them in place of the classroom setting, and I think they’re nice. Some of my teachers have used them too; not as a whole class, but individually letting us work out there and work ahead if we need to.” Winbourn said, “It would be nice to use during breaks when it’s too cold to go outside, and if I had an off block I’d use them as a place to stay and do homework if I had no other plans. For me, it’s more fun to learn when I’m comfortable, too, so I think it’s really useful. They’d also be nice to use instead of the classroom, so I’d prefer the FTLA for a workspace. A couple of my teachers have used them already, too, so that was really nice.” 

 Overall, the FTLA seems to be a very beneficial space for some students, and will definitely be of use for many teachers.