Go Rams!

Noah Ling, Reporter

  As Colorado continues to grow exponentially, Colorado State University continues to attract a vast number of prospective students. Having the opportunity to get instate tuition and go to college so close to home, makes CSU a happening place for students who call Northern Colorado home. In the heart of downtown Fort Collins, CSU is a fun environment for all kinds of students.

  Often overlooked, growing up near such a great school can be taken for granted. CSU having a renowned agriculture program attracts people from all around the county and even some from overseas. Though it’s hard to recognize at times, the opportunity to save thousands of dollars in tuition and attend a school such as CSU can be extremely rewarding. 

  Mountain View High School is so close to Fort Collins and leads such a vast number of Colorado students to apply and often pursue a degree at CSU. Though CSU is an agricultural-based school, many other majors are extremely credible. The economics and engineering programs are also very good majors. “I want to go to CSU for engineering because the program is great, and the campus is close to home and in a fun location.” said senior Richard Jara. 

  Though there are many schools to choose from and all have benefits for different people, Colorado State has good programs, a beautiful campus, a cool college town, and for those who are Colorado residents, $12,000 per year tuition. This is a huge contributor because it’s expensive to get an education, especially at a good school. 

  However, this saves students a ton of debt in student loans while maintaining a good education. “I’m drawn to CSU because of the number of friends going as well as it being so close to home.” said senior, Taylor Brashears.