Crunch time

Brooklyn Capuano, Reporter

  With finals week approaching fairly quickly, it’s going to be important for students to stay focused and get work done. The deadlines for class assignments are coming up soon, and then it will be time to work on final assignments for the semester. How are the students of Mountain View High School going to stay on task to get everything turned in on time before the first semester ends? 

  Freshman Emma Kelly said, “I’m nervous, but not really. I plan to finish all my work to make sure my grades are up so that the final won’t have much of an effect on my grade if I do really bad.” 

  Tyson Mares-Benz said, “I haven’t really thought about it too much, I probably won’t be as nervous until it happens.” Kelly said, “I do feel confident about getting my work in, though I don’t have any missing assignments so I just have to keep up with the work I’m given these next few weeks.” 

  “I’ve been quarantined a few times so I have some missing assignments,” Mares-Benz said. “I’m just going to try my best to turn in my work and do the new work I’m assigned to stay up to date with my new assignments. I have, like four… maybe five [assignments to get done]. It’s not too bad, so I’m sure I’ll be able to get them done.” 

  “I’m going to stay focused by listening to music,” Kelly said. “Oh yeah, definitely,” Mares-Benz agreed. Kelly said, “Music helps me stay focused a lot.” 

  “I just try to really focus on school and get it all done in class so that I don’t have any homework to do when I get home. Sometimes in our freshman seminar, they give us time to work on missing assignments, too.” Mares-Benz said, “[I want to] have passing grades for basketball. I need to keep up with everything to ensure I’m able to play. I have teachers to go to for help if I need it, or friends, too.”

  Junior Birk Balzer said “I have a lot of classes this year that I’m questionable about. My math and chemistry I’m kind of nervous about because I don’t feel as confident as in my other classes, but everything else I feel fine in.”  Balzer is going to show up and do her best. “The week before finals always stressed me out, and then finals get here and I’m calm and able to relax a bit. I have about eight [missing assignments], mainly in math, so I’m worried about that. I really just want to pass the semester, I want to get most of the stuff I can get done turned in and I want to turn in at least 10 art pieces for my AP studio art class,” Balzer said. “I do all my work on days I don’t have to go to work, so if I’ve got homework, I’ll just do it when I’m not busy working.”

  Senior Kacie Friend and junior Nickolas Coakley also said what they thought about finals week. Coakley said “I mean, I’m chilling this year, I don’t have any missing assignments, I have all A’s and B’s. This is probably the best year I’ve had with grades, I just need to keep doing what I’m doing, my main goal is just to pass, and I’m confident I will.” Friend said “All my classes are easy, well… I’m worried about my English final – that’s it. I feel good about getting my assignments in. it’s only NoRedInk assignments, so that’s easy. I just have, like, four missing assignments, so I’ll be fine.” 

  Good luck to all the students of Mountain View High School with your finals, do your best, and get those missing assignments turned in ASAP!