Boot camp, here they come

Noah Ling, Reporter

  Post-high school graduation can present a big decision to be made, normally people decide between college, work, or the military. The military is a popular choice this year because there are a few students at Mountain View joining the United States Navy and others joining the Marine Corps. 

  Jackson DeSaire, a senior at Mountain View, has decided to join the navy. Upon graduating from high school, he plans to ship out to boot camp shortly after to begin his career in the military. “I’m joining the Navy along with one of my good friends Ryan Evangelista. We want to have a career without the debt of college and have a guaranteed job after school to not only make money but be a part of the military,” said DeSaire. 

  It takes a certain kind of person to join the military due to all the determination, structure, and physical strain, however, the benefits pay off. The military is a government job so the benefits are extremely tempting. The insurance, free housing, cheap food, and free college education are enticing. A standard university usually ends with student loans upwards of 100k in debt. With the contract of serving only 4 short years, that is completely covered. 

  For others, a career in the military is a way to set themselves up for life. After having served 20 years, the pension and benefits are enough to make retirement easy and earlier than compared to most other professions. 

  Matthew Schuessler enlisted into the Marine Corps recently along with many other Northern Colorado youth from other nearby schools. “I’m excited to go to boot camp and begin my adult life with a job, place to live, and to serve my country alongside many friends I’ve met through the Marine Corps,” said Schuessler. 

  Last year, three seniors from Mountain View decided to go to the Marine Corps as well. All of which have recently graduated and are already beginning their career at such a young age. This is one of the many benefits the military has to offer young people.