Rapping it up

Gavyn Carbajal, Reporter

  As a musical artist, one of the biggest accomplishments to ever forge into reality is a live performance in front of your own fans. In two and a half years of music and a worldwide pandemic, I had yet to ever make that dream come true. I had nobody around me who knew anything about the music industry or had any connections, but after the pandemic lightened up I had to go out and make some friends who knew the industry better than I did. 

  One day, I was surfing through the internet for nearby events that I could go perform at, in order to get a buzz going in the people around me. In my searches, I found an open mic event and messaged the event planner in order to go perform myself. After two weeks, Sardonyx had finally got back to me and sent me a link to the next open mic event I could perform at. When I got there it was a light turnout, maybe about thirty people. After the event, I was left unsatisfied. Sardonyx caught up with me as I was leaving and told me he thought I had what it takes. He connected me with the head of OGT Productions, Kodean. Kodean offered me a slot on a show he was throwing in Greeley that was three weeks away.

  In order to show Kodean that a 17-year-old kid was serious about his music, I had to sell out all of my tickets. I got to work posting them every day and driving out to different cities to sell them. When I had picked them up I told Kodean, “I’ll be back for more tickets, I won’t disappoint.” I was right. I sold all of the original ones he gave me and picked up more and sold all of those out. In 3 weeks, a kid from Windsor had sold all of his tickets. I proved that I was serious about performing, and now it came down to the day of the show. 

  Compared to the open mic, there were over two hundred people at this one. I was up before the headlining event and the crowd was in full effect. I went out and it was everything I’d ever dreamed about. It was unreal being with all of my fans and friends in a room where I’m on the stage and finally having the ability to show the public that these two and a half years weren’t a waste of time. The crowd enjoyed the show, and I definitely did. Most importantly Kodean and Sardonyx were there and impressed with what I’d done. Kodean offered me another slot and I have another show in two weeks.

  After all of the countless nights without sleeping, staying alone in my room for 6 months learning how to mix and master my own music, creating over one hundred songs in a year, talking with friends about how the music sounds, all of the dedication and work I put in; I finally got a lead to something big. I’m finally able to tell people I can do what I love and have people come to my concerts. I am finally proud of myself.