Nike Vs. Vans: A debate of the century

Gavyn Carbajal, Reporter

  With sneaker prices rising and everyone seemingly having a nice pair of shoes daily, the big debate in classrooms is the best shoes to wear and have. With 2 very popular brands of shoes, people gave their insight on which shoe was better in many aspects. 

  The first decision is, what really is the better shoe? Matt Hall stated, “Nike, I like Nike more and they give me more street cred with my students.” The overwhelming majority of people said Nike is better than the converse. 

  The overall better-looking brand, Libby Pannone said, “I like Nike more because there are more silhouettes and they have so many styles of things you can wear them with.” Catie Cayou had an alternative opinion saying, “I like [the] converse more because they are basic and you can wear them with any outfit of any color.” There are always two different opinions on certain things especially if you just want a nice easy outfit or you want something a little more flashy. 

  Hall said, “Nike’s have more variety and versatility, color, different silhouettes, fabrics, and I like the way Nike brings them all together. You get what you pay for, my Nikes last years because I have so many shoes in my rotation. I only wear them once every couple of weeks so they last a long time.” 

  For shoes, they both have a lot of love for them, especially with certain outfits. But like all things, shoes come down to preference. Whether you like Nikes or Converse or more, they’re both great shoes and go with the outfits you decide!