LISA Capstone Graduation

Warren Walz, Reporter

                                           “A recovering perfectionist with a need to create art.” -Maddie Brantley

  First of all, what is LISA? For the uninitiated, LISA stands for Loveland Integrated School of the Arts. The Mountain View High School website describes the goal of the LISA program as “the curriculum designed to integrate visual and performing arts across the curriculum and offer alternatives to traditional learning styles.” In LISA classes, students are encouraged to demonstrate their learning through art instead of more traditional means.

  One of the key points of the program is to encourage students to demonstrate their learning through art. According to the Mountain View High School website, “The value of a community that nourishes its artists, musicians, and thespians is undeniable.” One of the most important aspects of the LISA program is how it can encourage young people to take part in the progress of local art and theater.

Saturday, Dec. 4th, was the LISA graduation for seniors in the LISA Capstone class. Students presented the progress that they have made in their individual arts through the LISA program. Some students are painters, others are dancers, musicians, performers, etc. But the program didn’t just help students grow to find their artistic medium, it helped the students grow as people.

  As excited as each student was to graduate from the program, there was also an aura of sadness. All of the seniors that graduated from capstone started their freshman year. These people didn’t just attend the same classes for four years, they grew together. It seems that the hardest part wasn’t graduating from the program, but rather the notion that high school is coming to an end and that they will all be heading in their own directions soon. A concept too wide and spiky for the brain to handle.