Love Is In The Air

Maddie Bellmar, Reporter

  Oh, how I miss the good old days when you would show up to school on Feb. 14th; with your DIY Valentine’s Day box that you worked on the night before and the scribbled on Valentines for all your classmates in hand. You know you were about to get a good 30 pieces of candy and maybe the occasional pencil. No awkward valentine notes or anonymous love letters–life was simple. 

  Unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore; as you get older Valentine’s boxes stop getting made and so do the scribbled on Valentines’. Most people have a love-hate relationship with the holiday–especially for high school students. Lucas Sanchez, a sophomore at Mountain View said, “I love Valentine’s Day. Really it’s just because I get to hang out with my favorite person the whole day.” Sanchez is one of the few who love Valentine’s day. Emma Bleed, a freshman at Mountain View states, “No, because people are annoying on Valentine’s Day.” 

  Not being a fan of Valentine’s Day seems to be a common trend with high school students because they don’t have someone to celebrate it with. Sophomore Keegan McWatters said, “I don’t like Valentine’s Day because I never have anyone to do it with,” Annie Farrington, a sophomore would have to agree, “I don’t know if I do, I always spend it alone.” Besides spending it alone, there are other parts that make it an annoying holiday. 

  People can agree that couples being together can make people feel jealous or just annoyed. James Cathey states, “the fact that people who maybe don’t have a partner feel left out and can have a hard time getting over that.”  Sophomore Jacob Berg said, “The couples. They’re dumb.” Keeping it short and sweet, Berg and Bleed would have to agree, “people are just annoying, they all say, ‘I love my boyfriend.’” 

  Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be about your boyfriend, there are some other aspects that can make it a little better.  Cathey said, “I guess just how it brings people closer together and it makes some people happy but for some others, it can be not so fun.” Although; everyone could agree candy is by far the best part. Bleed states, “candy goes on sale the day after.” McWatters said, “It’s actually pretty cool, I like the chocolate.” To be fair, chocolate can always make people feel better. 

  Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be the same without someone shooting their shot and asking someone to be their valentine. Cathey said, “I mean I kinda already do have a Valentine. I want to ask her out on a date but I [have] to meet her parents first.” This can undoubtedly be a pretty scary thing to do, but if anyone can do it, it’s James. Other people aren’t completely sure if they are going to ask someone and others hope that someone will ask them. 

  Feb. 14th is traditionally a day meant to be spent with the person you love the most; however, as high schoolers most of us don’t have that person, and that’s okay. This year, think of Valentine’s more of a holiday used to spend with your friends or your family, rather than just a singular partner. So, go get your friends a box of chocolates or a handwritten Valentine just like old times.  According to Farrington, “that’s the whole point of Valentine’s Day.”