Sickness Sweeps the School: Senioritis

Jack Hall, Writer

As May approaches, many seniors and early graduates alike have fallen ill with the ailment known as senioritis. Symptoms include lack of motivation, low energy, and an “I don’t care attitude.” While there is no known cure, there are steps one can take to ease the symptoms. It’s important to remember that these years, your years in high school, are going to be some of the most fun in your life. Instead of letting senioritis take hold, go to class, be with your people, and enjoy every last second of high school. It might seem pointless, especially to those who are already accepted into their college of choice, but just remember; grades still matter, your teachers appreciate when you show up to class, and the time you lose with your peers by skipping class is time you will never get back.

Mountain View student Ethan Dalton takes a well deserved nap during class, after a long day of being a senior with two whole classes.