Construction Chaos

Sophie Busse

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     Lines of cars branch out from Mountain View High School as 1271 students try their best to get to class before the bell at 8:30 am. Traffic is at a near complete stop and the looks of panicked teenagers can be seen through their glass windshields. Since the first day of school three weeks ago, this has been the ugly truth for most students. To add onto the traffic stress a new tardy rule has been instituted which states that after 3 tardies it becomes one unexcused absence, amplifying the urgency in the morning.

     Students like Jacob Sanchez, junior, have been forced to leave their houses earlier than usual. “Usually, I leave for school 10 minutes early, but because of the traffic I have to leave 25 minutes before school starts.” Some students have been even more unlucky, like Maya Caballero, junior, who has earned herself six tardies in the first two weeks of school due to the car congestion.

     The light at the end of the tunnel may be further away than we originally thought. Chris Leone, the project manager of J2 Contracting, the construction company in charge of the project, states that the project is estimated to be over by September 30th. This date is almost two months later than that of the original date, which was the end of August. The reason for the delay was due to unknown underground power and utilities that needed to be relocated during construction.

     Hopefully this new roundabout will be worth the wait to provide a much needed relief to the morning struggles parents and students have been dealing with: tardies and time. Nevertheless, a construction-free zone will be short lived, as early next year more construction is scheduled for Boyd Lake Road, North of Mountain View High School. We might be dealing with problems now, however, we’re currently paving the a new road to the future.