He’s a Stone Cold Number Crunching Machine

Alexis Diaz

     As you may have realized, there have been some unfamiliar new faces around Mountain View. This school year there are a total of 15 new staff and teachers, and one of them is Mr. Stone, the new Pre-AP Algebra 2 and Geometry teacher.

    Mr. Stone graduated from CSU and was first a substitute at Mountain View, so he might actually look familiar to some students. He chose to work at Mountain View because he liked the building and the environment, “the building is awesome because it actually has air conditioning.”

     Math was always a strong subject and decided to pursue it because he considered it a dry and pure subject. He thought he could use his techniques he learned along the way to help students.

     Stone wants to get to know all his new students by attending student events and talking to them whenever he’s available. He wants to get to know his students’ hobbies and interests outside of school.

     Stone is originally from Northern California and moved to Northern Colorado 12 years ago. He has a wife and two daughters, ages seven and four, and he likes to play ultimate frisbee. He’s also got some neat hidden talents; he can wiggle his ears independently and can touch his nose with his tongue, which we all know is the true talent.

     Stop by room F210 and introduce yourself to Mr. Stone, he’s a great teacher and wants to get to know Mountain View students a little more.