There’s a New Sheriff on the Mountain View Sidelines

Esiae Badibanga

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     You may have noticed a new coach barking orders and yelling at everyone on the varsity football sidelines. His name is Coach Gary Anderson, the new MVHS offensive coordinator, and interim head coach for coach Mayes (who has missed this season because of a July car accident).

     Before coming to Mountain View, Coach Anderson coached at Chatfield for over a decade. However, he’s been coaching since 1980, 37 seasons in football and 34 seasons in basketball. As an assistant coach, Gary Anderson won three state championships in basketball. As a head basketball coach, he won one state championship.

     Coach Anderson retired from teaching last year and came back to Loveland where he grew up. He actually got his start coaching here when he coached for Coach Mayes’ dad, who was the head coach at Thompson Valley in the 1980’s.  In fact, one of those teams almost won a state championship, led by quarterback Bart Mayes.

     When he moved back up here last year, he coached the Mountain View C-team and led them to a 9-1 record. Coach Anderson made sure that his team was always prepared before every game: he worked hard for the success of the team and in the end, it paid off.  This year, well before the season started, Coach Mayes called him to come up and help at the varsity level to change the culture of the team.

     In this short time, this experiment seems like it has been a success. The culture change is in full effect: everyone works hard, players and coaches, and there is almost 100% attendance at every practice. Coach Anderson wants a brotherhood where everyone picks each other up and supports each other when mistakes are made.

     The players think that he is a good coach. They said that he yells a lot, but he yells a lot because he cares a lot. Others like how strict he is. The players like how intense he gets, and will never give up on anyone. Franklin Brigham, Sophomore wide receiver,  said that “it’s not all about winning– he is also setting us up for life.” With leadership like that, Coach Mayes has left his program in good hands. Now let’s just go win some football games!