Welcome to Lion Pride Times


Mitchell Knutsen

     Welcome to Lion Pride Times, Mountain View High School’s very own student-run newspaper. Over the past couple of months and even years, our students have been learning about journalistic writing and developing a passion for reporting the news in various ways. After investing countless hours in class as well as in the community of Mountain View, investigating, questioning, and reporting stories that interest us, we are ready—ready to write for you.

     At first, the idea of creating this newspaper was simple—get a website and upload stories to it every week. It did not take long for all the intricacies and difficulties to pop up like moles that needed to be whacked before the newspaper was able to function. Although these complications seem to never diminish entirely, we plan to do everything in our power to keep this journal up and running for not only this year but for years into the future.

     The Mountain View Newspaper stopped being published 7 years ago; we hope to set the foundation for future writers and creators so the journal continues to be produced. In our eyes, this newspaper will grow to become the link connecting different activities to each other and strengthening those communal bonds of Lion Pride: these are the essential premises that this newspaper was built upon.

     This undertaking will be accomplished by publishing stories each week that fall into categories such as news, entertainment, opinion, sports and student life. One of our goals for Lion Pride Times is to write stories that interest the student; we have the power to provide interesting information to the community of Mountain View and we plan to utilize this potential to its fullest. We plan to answer questions that have been circulating around the school and will often times ask students what they want to hear more about in the school newspaper. In a world where fake news is all around us, Lion Pride Times will be a safeguard against all bias and incorrect facts.