Three Strikes and You’re Out

Hannah VanLaningham

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     As the first bell rings, marking the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, administration is bringing new policies into play with hopes of solving one of the largest problems that plagues our school–attendance. One of the newest policies, which everyone seems to have an opinion about, is the “three tardies is equivalent to one unexcused absence” policy. This is one of the most questionable policies, according to some students, but proves to be beneficial for others.

     Some students are beginning to question whether or not this policy actually helps them succeed in school. Students are proven to have better grades the more they show up to class, and, as we all know, good grades are a key to succeed in high school. Gissely Rodriguez, Junior, had a lot to say when asked if this policy was beneficial to them, “There are circumstances where a student can’t help but be late, whether they were stuck in traffic or had to drop of another sibling, so I guess, on the whole, I don’t particularly agree with this new policy because it causes more issues for students whose attendance records are out of their control.” Rodriguez gave some really strong opinions, which also sparked some new inquiries.

     From the student drivers’ point of view, one main thing that has been making this policy almost impossible to follow, especially in the mornings, is the traffic at the entrances of the school. Even if a student leaves 20 minutes earlier than their normal departure time there is still a big chance that student could be late to class due to the long lines of cars.  Thankfully, that is all behind us now, since the roundabout is now open.

     Some students have different motivations to get to class, whether that be getting good grades or seeing their friends. Gissely’s thoughts regarding on-time motivation started with, “I think it depends on the individual; one person could just shrug it off because they don’t see the point, whereas another person might feel an unparalleled motivation to arrive on time. It varies, in my opinion.”

     Whether or not you disagree with the new policy, the intentions are good.  Students should strive to be on time and present, because it really does help with grades.  Hopefully this new policy will kick some pep in your step to get to class.

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Three Strikes and You’re Out