New Members Get Down to the Knitty-Gritty

Kryctil Gauman

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     One of the most popular clubs at Mountain View High School is Knitting Club. Every year new students discover the club and learn to knit or crochet from other members participating and the teachers supervising the club.

     Starting this year there is new leadership for the club. Mrs. Knowles and Ms. Medina have stepped up to be the teachers to run the club. Although they have not supervised Knitting Club in the years past, Gabriella Jackson, Sophomore at Mountain View High School, states “I think the club will be enjoyable with the new members and teachers this year.”

     The knitting club focuses on teaching students ways of knitting and crocheting by using different methods to create designs and patterns. “It’s a way of relaxing and relieving stress” Kimberly Knowles declared, teacher at MVHS. When attending a meeting, students spend time with their peers and talk while knitting  Creating a fun and relaxing environment.

     The knitting club now meets every Tuesday after school from 4-5pm in the library. “We are always welcoming new people, the more the better” said Kimberly Knowles, photography teacher at MVHS.

     Not only is the club enjoyable and stress-relieving, but it’s also an opportunity for students to letter. Members can do this by using the ten point system knitting club has set up. By completing specific tasks like teaching someone to knit, attending the delivery of knitted items and learning an advanced skill like pearling you receive points that are recorded.

     The club donates the items made from the members to local hospitals like the children’s hospital in Denver, so that cancer patients and other patients can have hand made scarfs and hats. The club donates around two times a year and asks that all members participate in the delivery of the donation. The main focus of the club is to create a positive environment, where students can create unique garments to donate to those in need. So if you have a big heart and are looking for a group of close-knit friends, give Knitting Club a try–its knot half bad.