Boys Tennis Regionals

Kendall Millward

     The 2018 Boys Tennis Team was small but mighty. While only having five players, they still managed to make a great team. Some of the players include Juniors Cleveland Odd,  Cooper Frederick, and Erik Cooper. Regionals were held on Oct. 2 and 3, however, Mountain View only attended on Oct. 2. One of the players who attended regionals was Erik Cooper.

     He said that he was “excited because it was but challenging and it was a great way to see how much I could do and test my hand.” Erik did well at regionals playing hard and testing himself while playing one singles. He admits it was stressful playing the highest position on the team, but it was rewarding by improving his skills for next year.

     Even though not all the players attended regionals, they still also thought they improved. “With only five people we did good and one doubles for only being first-year players did great,” said Cleveland Odd. Their season lasted from August to October. The team improved in all areas and came back for some wins.

     The most important thing, however, is why they enjoy the sport. Cooper Frederick says he plays because “it is fun” and Cleveland Odd says he enjoys tennis because “it is more of a mental game and very competitive”. Overall, the boys’ tennis team was small in numbers but large in accomplishments.