RaLeigh Basart – Our Three Sport Star

Lukas Arthur, Sports Editor

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(Photo by Cliff Grassmick/Reporter Herald)

There is a small handful of athletes that still participate in 3 sports in the fall, winter, and spring season. And the number of female athletes is even smaller. Raleigh Basart is one of the special athletes. Not just a participate if softball, basketball and track, but a clean-up hitter and main stop at the hot corner, a leading scorer during the winter as well as the top girls thrower, not just in the school but potentially the state.

This fall when she hit 14 home runs shattering the previous record set by Kailee Stobbe its safe to say it was a goal she noticed pretty early on in the season, “I first knew I had a chance at the record when I hit two home runs in the same game. And I was really excited when I broke it because I’ve always wanted to break it.” Knowing the previous record holder Kailee Stobbe made breaking the record just that much better for the veteran slugger.

As a 3 soon to be 4 year starter on the varsity basketball team it makes sense that it’s her favorite of the three. “Basketball is my favorite, no doubt, that’s for sure.” Last year she lead the team in scoring with 14 points per game, as all expectations are presumed that she will do it again as the only returning player averaging more the 5 a game is her little sister Kelsey Basart. While she will be leading a very young team, as she is the only senior on the team this year for Coach Walker’s Mountain Lions she still expects them to compete to go back to the playoffs.

So while people may not think it is possible to be so talented in three sports, well it is. Track and field might be her most impressive sports she’s in. Taking 8th in discuss along with being a top performer in shot put as well. While she didn’t say that is a State Championship or bust the spring, “With us fixing a lot of my mishaps last season and techniques that I had wrong, I really think that I can push for the State Championship.”

With any athlete you always have a big influencer. For some it’s a coach, a friend, maybe a teammate. For Raleigh Basart it would be her mom. “She’s a coach. I mean in softball, basketball and even helped me in track, ever since I was really little and first got into sports she always been there.” Any athlete of Basart’s expertises are going to garner some looks for some college coaches, while so far she is looking at Concordia and Hasting both in Nebraska as well as Tabor in Kansas. A three sport athlete in High School, there is no surprise that she is looking to play multiple sports in college as well. Whether it be softball and basketball or track and basketball she knows one thing that her favorite sports in high school will be a mainstay as she looks to continue playing basketball next year in the collegiate ranks.

RaLeigh Basart – Our Three Sport Star