Vaping: A Student Epidemic

Sophie Busse, Reporter

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“Can I hit your Juul?”: a phrase echoing through the halls of Mountain View High School. Teenage addiction takes a whole new form in the reality that is vaping; a highly addictive way for teenagers to intake large quantities of nicotine. This epidemic has made school staff desperate to find a way to deter students from inhaling these substances on the daily. Despite the serious effects of vaping students continue to jeopardize their health and wellbeing for their daily buzz.

     Besides the fact that all vaping/drug activity is prohibited on school property, the effects on a student’s life are detrimental. Even if students are eighteen years old it is still illegal to use any tobacco or vape products on school property. Through interviews with anonymous teens a deeper understanding can be formed about the enigmatic society of vapers here at MVHS. “I bought my Juul in July for $60 dollars and have been paying $40 for pods each month since.” One anonymous addict tells. In total they’ve spent $220 on vaping in 3 months. Other students have not only been economically affected but their daily schedules have changed too. “After almost every class, I go to the bathroom to vape. I just end up wanting it really badly after a hard class. Most of my friends vape and people ask to rip my Juul a lot.” Students not only vape in cars and bathrooms, but some are reckless enough to do it in class behind the teachers back.

     It seems that anti-vaping posters and locking bathroom doors is not enough to keep students from vaping. Which poses the question for school officials of what would prevent students from feeding their harmful teenage addiction.