A Student’s Favorite Thing to Hear: “You can use a notecard on the final”

Sophie Busse, Reporter

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     The most stressful time of the year—finals. The end of the semester is filled with not only school work but seemingly endless holiday activities. Most students look for any way to ease their studying and help their grades. Whether it be group study sessions, Quizlet, or even review videos on YouTube a student’s final week of the semester are chock-full of activities. However, every student knows that the saving grace of a final is the opportunity to fill a notecard with information to use on the test. “Thank goodness Mr. McElroy allowed us to use a notecard for my final. I found a way to fit every single note I took this semester onto one notecard” says junior, Marley Homandberg. The art of using a notecard is a precise one. It takes a delicate hand to fill a 3 by 5 inch rectangle of paper with legible notes. Some students take to dividing their notecards into exact divisions each filled with a different topic. Others choose to fit as much as possible on their card with petite, space-saving font. Motivational messages and even smiley faces can be found on their cards, helping to keep spirits up during their stressful tests.

     For other classes teachers are even more generous. Students in Mr. Barron’s Pre-calculus class are able to use their review guides on their finals. “It really makes me more confident on how my final is going to go now that I have this review guide” Says, junior, Jacob Sanchez. Students of all grades appreciate the option to bring something with them to help there finals go well.