Exchange Student

Kendall Millward, Reporter

     Hola! Bonjour! Caio! Salaam! Hello! MVHS has welcomed some students from across the globe. One of those students comes from Son Ferriol, Spain. Her name is Maria Morey and she came to the U.S. in August and has been here for 5 months.

     Morey says she misses the family, friends, and food of her home country, however, she is excited to be in America and learning new things. She says that her favorite thing about America is “that everything is huge, the houses are huge, the malls, and the cars. I also love to see people my age driving, it’s so crazy because in Spain the age to drive is 18. I also love all of the sports like here you can play different seasons, in my country you must play in a club.” Something unique about her hometown is “all my friends are living there and it makes me feel comfortable.” She became an exchange student because “I always wanted to visit America and the different states, and I thought this would be a good experience for me.”

     And for those of you who got attached to her do not fear, she plans on returning. She says, “I would love to come back here and see my host family and friends and of course visit other states.” Being an exchange student is a thrilling and exciting experience and for anyone interested in seeing the world should consider it. But take some time to talk and meet Maria because she is interesting and may teach you a new Spanish term or two!