High Plains Dreamer

Sophie Busse, Reporter

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     On November 30th of 2018, everyone who drove by the newly constructed roundabout on Mountain Lion Avenue was greeted to a 20-foot surprise. A new 5000-pound steel sculpture had been placed onto the open space in the center of the roundabout. The sculptures interesting shape and clear visibility along Highway 34 sparked conversations and questions within the halls of Mountain View. Suzanne Janssen, the Art Manager for the City of Loveland, helped to offer a deeper insight into the piece by providing information about it.

     This abstract steel piece was created by James Johnson and fabricated by his son, Tyler Johnson. James Johnson of Charleston, IL has participated in over 90 exhibitions, creating large-scale public sculptures ranging from 12 to 25 feet in height.

     The new sculpture located at the roundabout is called High Plains Dreamer. In Johnson’s artist statement he mentions how his sculpture is inspired by ancient cultures like the Mayan and Inca. These cultures used art as a way to communicate their lifestyle and culture. According to Johnson, the arch featured in the piece is used, “as a means of transforming the viewer from a place and time of activity to one of calm and reflection.”

     An official dedication of the sculpture will occur in late April or early May. City of Loveland Public Works in the meantime will develop the landscaping around the sculpture to complement the surrounding areas. This will include planting native grasses and low-growing shrubbery when weather permits. This monolithic sculpture will be a permanent installation.