Cristina’s Beauty

MVHS Senior Cristina Romero pursues her passion in makeup

Kendall Millward, Reporter

     Cristina Romero, Senior, has started a beauty channel that does more than just makeup videos. It is also a way to express herself and speak out against the critiquers.

     Cristina does weekly makeup videos recreating famous beauty gurus looks. She likes to watch their Youtube videos and recreate their best looks and her favorite icon to mock is James Charles. She enjoys doing makeup because it is a good way to express herself and show her colorful side. Romero says, “it is hard to find a way to express yourself because you receive so much judgment for being yourself.” And Romero is hoping to take her beauty expertise to the next level saying she’d “like for this to turn into a side career” even though it might just be a hobby right now.

     And for anyone who is interested in starting to explore makeup, her advice is “to just be yourself and do what you like because at the end of the day you should be proud of who you are.” She says that it is important to express yourself and go out of your comfort zone and use bright colors. Romero is making sure people know she’s not afraid to stand out and do what she loves and hopes to spread that message to her viewers. So go ahead and check out her channel, or her Instagram, beautybycristina, for more info!