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My name is Soha Ali and I am a sophomore at Mountain View High school. For awhile I have personally liked writing, not only as the subject, but as a hobby.  From the past I've won about three awards for writing because I liked it so much.   It has always been a passion of mine since it was kind of an escape from reality you could say. What motivated me to be a better writer was the people who wanted stories to be heard, but didn't know how to reveal them to the public.  What motivated me to be a staffer and apart of newspaper was just doing good in English and my teacher, Matthew Hall, encouraging me to write for him.  In the future, I want to be apart of the staff only if I was good enough.   With a little more practice in my writing, I'm hoping to be able to help future writers and help edit.  My strengths when it comes to my articles is that I can convey the point nicely.  I also feel like I can really express the person who I am interviewing's aspects on things.  Personally, I feel I struggle in writing a little but love it, because I tend to write more of my articles like its an essay.  Most of the articles we write are suppose to catch people's attentions and be interesting.  That's something I really need to improve on.  What I do for my community is that I try to convey people's points to the public.  Some things that a lot of people aren't aware about in the school. In the future, I hope to get better at not only my writings, but also appealing to people.  Hope the future brings great things!

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Soha Ali